Why do Cakes Fail?

Baking is no easy task, don’t you think? We can follow instructions every step of the way and yet sometimes our cakes fail. It’s not because you have a “bad hand” or because you “suck at backing” it usually is because of little details we might think are not as relevant as adding all the ingredients, but to our misfortune, yes they as as important. Here ? are a couple of reasons why your cake might have failed:

If it has a hump: The oven was overly hot when baking started or too much flour was used.

If you get a dark bottom: Pan was too deep and this keeps the cake from browning. Dark pans absorb more heat so make sure you place it on a higher overn rack. If you wrapped thepan, it will cause uneven browning.

If your cakes ends up with deep cracks: temperature was too high or you might have used too much flower or baking powder.

If your cake has fallen: temperature was too low, you peeked while baking! You removed from oven early. You might have used too much shortening, sugar, bicarb or baking powder or not enough flour.

Too tough: temperature was too hot. Batter was overmixed. Too much flour

Browned edges: oven too full. Tin touching another one or oven wall.


There you go, now you can bake stress-free!

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