This week my nieces came to visit. If you have girls in the family you know how intensely funny they can be, from spending hours combing our hairs up to singing hundreds of times Frozen’s theme song. One of my favorite thing to do with them is baking. We make thematic food and we play to interpret to Elsa and Ana in the kitchen. This time around they asked me If we could make ice cream. Since sugar is not a kid’s aunt best friend, I decided we’ make yogurt ice cream. I didn’t have much stuff in the fridge so I had to go with this simple recipe which demands only two ingredients (and could even be made with one!).

You can add fresh fruit, chocolate chips, sprinkles, fruit purée. To kick it up a notch I usually add a few vanilla seeds to have that ice cream flavors the kids are used to. For this special occasion I used Greek yogurt for the extra creaminess. Of course, if you use lighter yogurt we’ll leave some calories out of the picture ?

Pour the Greek yogurt in a jar, removing the excess of serum if they had it, along with honey and vanilla. Remove with a few sticks until obtaining a light and homogeneous cream. Pass it to a container suitable for the fride and freeze.

If you have an ice cream maker, just add the ingredientes and let it do its job for about 20 minutes. When ready, cover it with baking paper and close the lid tightly.

If you decide to go with sugar free Greek yogurt add twice the amount of honey, or 60 g. For my sugar lovers, yes you can use sugar! Just add 100grs for sweet yogurts and 125 g for the natural Greeks.

When the ice cream is semi frozen, stir with a fork and make some waves! Enjoy!