The fondue was one of Toto’s (my grandpa’s) favorite dishes. I think it’s because of the cheese addiction we all share in our family, but also because he didn’t have to chew much. The truth is that he liked the food, but especially the one easy to eat.

One day Tata promised to make a fondue for the dinner but when she was ready to star cooking, she realized she didn’t have the ingredients. So she debated between letting everyone down with an unexpected change of menu (although surely the compensation would have been fabulous) or improvise. And as a good cook she did the latter.

As I mentioned before, my family is addicted to [especially white] cheese therefore, it was for sure she would find at least a couple of cheeses. This time around, she had “telita” cheese, a white cheese with soft texture formed by thin layers of cow’s milk and immersed in serum to create a soft and juicy texture. Oh what a wonderful improvisation! Since then, traditional fondue is rarely prepared at home.

You might be wondering at this point where you can get these type of cheese, there are a couple of options; if you live in Miami, you can go to Locatel or to mostly any latin supermarket.


Follow these easy steps to enjoy and have a bon appetite:

  • Heat the buttermilk in a small bowl
  • Integrate cheeses by moving with a wooden pallet
  • Once melted, serve hot in a bowl and surround with arepas or cachapas. If you don’t feel like or have enough time to cook arepas, accompany with French baguettes.

If you do want to have the full Venezuelan experience and venture into serving with arepas, here’s the recipe.

Let me know how you liked it!