Ok so let me tell you the story of how this recipe came to life.

Growing up, my parents used to take me to the beach for the weekend and when coming back we made a “quick” stop at El Campanero, my favorite restaurant in Caracas (up until I stopped eating red meat). My parents and my aunts and uncles would order a huge piece of meat to share, cachapitas, arepitas, hallaquitas de hoja and the Campanero’s signature Watercress Caesar Salad. It was specially made for me, or at least that’s what my mom used to tell me so I would eat it.

I would always ask my mom to please make it for me at home, but since she didn’t have that culinary ability my beautiful Tata had, I had ask my grandma to please make it at home for me!

And here, beloved readers I’ll give you the secret of how it’s made.

Grab the anchovies, salt, and lemon juice and blend it all together at high speed until it becomes a paste. Now add the egg yolks, wine vinegar, Dijon and blend for two more minutes, while blending, slow down the speed and start adding very slowly the olive oil until it becomes a soft cream. Pour it on a glass container, cover it and let it cool in the fridge for four hours before serving the salad.

Clean the watercress (for all of you traditionalists, feel safe to substitute the watercress for romaine lettuce, but I really encourage you to try it with watercress) with a little bit of drinking water and vinegar. Drain it on a salad spinner, take them out, wrap them in Bounty paper and save them in Ziploc bags. Take them to the fridge for about an hour.

When ready to serve, the first thing you have to do is get yourself a wooden salad bowl and rub it all over with garlic, then mix the watercress, cold sauce, parmesan cheese and croutons y listo!

You’ll see how your family and friends will beg you to always make this type of Caesar salad!

Enjoy 🙂