I can’t even start to explain how much I love this dish. Chupe is my favorite dish in the world (well it actually competes with some other dishes, but it’s in the top 5), not only because of its many different ingredients but more so because of when we usually have it.

The real Chupe comes from Arequipa, Peru. They have a specific Chupe for each day of the week; Monday is for Chaque de Tripas (guts), Tuesday for Chayro, and so on. Now in Venezuela, from where I’m from, Chupe is just made out of hen (or chicken) and it is usually made for New Year’s Day or served at weddings or big parties at around 5:00 in the morning to reactivate all those drinker’s metabolism and avoid hardcore hangovers.

It is the perfect soup to get as many nutrients as possible in a sole plate. Don’t get scared, go ahead and try it, I promise you will love it as much as I do.


Cook the chicken breasts in a big pot with water along with the leek, onion, the bay leaf, and the salt. Let it cook in a medium high until the hen is totally ready (don’t get all desperate, this takes time. You could use a pressure cooker to save some time). Once the hen is cooked, take it out and start tearing it apart with two forks, now be careful because it gets super duper hot, you might want to wait a little bit for the hen to cool down to start tearing it apart. Keep the pot in the heat.

Take all the vegetables, put them in the blender with one or two cups of the broth you cooked everything in.

Strain the broth and put it back in the pot. Add the blended vegetables, this will give it a creamier consistency.

Add the hen and the potatoes and the corn to the pot. Once they’re soft enough, it is ready to serve.

We usually put the cheese and the cream milk on the table so everyone can choose how much the want to add to their plate. Now, I usually add a pinch of our delicious homemade hot sauce (which you can also learn how to make it here) to give it a cool spicy kick.