Tata, my grandmother, suffered from anemia. Every time she felt weak she doubled the consumption of red foods and it made her feel immediately better. Blackberries, beets, strawberries were part of that menu. I became a beet lover and now I know a lot of recipes by heart, so they end up being in at least two of my dishes during the week.

One of the things I like most about beets is that we can eat them entirely: the leaves, the stems and of course the vegetable per se. Yes, as you read, we generally eat the beets and discard the rest. But these parts can be used and are really very rich.

In this note I’ll focus just on the stems, but the leaves can also to make fritters.


  • Sterilize a mason jar by boiling it in hot water for around 20 minutes
  • Cut the stems big enough to fill the glass jar
  • Bring to boil, vinegar and water in a 3:1 proportion.
  • Add salt, sugar, pepper, cloves, bay leaves, and coriander seeds. This step is very important as the spices will infuse enough to achieve the typical pickle flavor.
  • Once it boils, add the already cut stems and put out the fire. Let stand for 15 minutes and then pass the stems to the jar and fill with the liquid until completely covered. Put the lid on and allow to cool to room temperature.

If you want to store them in fridge, wait for it to cool down and then store it.


  • Cut the beet stems, wash and steam for 10 minutes
  • When ready to serve, add sea salt, lime juice and olive oil to taste

Both recipes go perfect as an accompaniment to meat or just as simple healthy snacks.