The great thing about having a big family is that you have a lot of guys with whom to spend holidays. I remember being on the beach a full month with my uncles and my cousins, enjoying the beautiful days and being spoiled 1,000%.

One of my aunts is a great alchemist in the kitchen, of course she learned from Tata, but I have to admit, she has a magic touch. The only reason she does not outdo my grandmother is because she doesn’t like to cook as much (even though she should!).

But for me it has been a great advantage, since I have learned many recipes very easy to make, delicious and that leave more than one wanting more.

In those summer days at the beach with the whole family, she used to quickly prepare something that would nourish us, that we wouldn’t have to sit down and miss play time, and also that all of us kids would like without hesitation. Around noon she took out the package and surprised us with a tasty bread “crown” of turkey and cheese.

It’s so simple that I usually make it whenever we go out on a biking trail or when my husbands embarks on a fishing trip.

This is all you’ve got to do:

  • Preheat the oven to 180º
  • Beat the egg with the oil and yogurt
  • Incorporate the sifted flour with yeast and a pinch of salt
  • Finally, add the turkey and cheese in small pieces
  • Pour the mixture into a screw mold, bake about 20 minutes and let it tune a little on a grid.

It can be eaten warm or cold. It is very juicy and looks great.

I hope you like it!