The origins of Vichyssoise are a subject of debate among culinary historians, but for me it was invented by the one and only Tata. I know this is not true, but who can fight against a 7 year old whose grandmother is the best chef she had ever met?

I remember whenever my grandma would start preparing this amazing yet easy to make soup, she would ask my grandpa to play some jazz music. I don’t know why jazz, I guess it was to create some kind of connection between both of them as jazz was my grandpa’s favorite kind of music. He would sometimes run into the kitchen and grab my grandma from the back to make her turn around and move around with him. That was my cue to get my hands on the cooking! I already knew the drill:

Stir-fry the leeks with the onions until they became transparent. Then, add the potatoes along with the chicken broth, bring heat to medium and cover. Once the the potatoes are tender, blend everything together (be careful! Don’t blend until it has cooled down a little bit, things can get messy). Get it back to the heat and add the milk. Let heat for a couple of minutes.

Serve cold and garnish with the scallions and parsley.