Well, I’m back to reality. After the week-long trip to Tenerife, Spain, and arriving in the middle of the weekend with the usual parties and meetings, it’s time to go back to planning the food for the week and also back to exercising ?. So to start with a good foot, I prepared homemade ravioli. Easy, fast and healthy.

The first step to prepare the homemade ravioli is to make a volcano with the flour to add the eggs , the oil, and the salt in the center. Slowly knead until all the ingredients are integrated. The dough should not be sticky for it to knead repeatedly, giving it gentle strokes.

Wrap the dough in film paper and let it sit for 15-20 minutes in the fridge. Then spread it on a floured surface with a roll and leave a very thin base of dough to shape the ravioli.

To make ravioli there are special cutters or trays, but if you do not have any of these accessories, you can easily make them by hand. Place a sheet of dough on a table powdered with flour. Put teaspoons of filling on the sheet spaced 5 centimeters apart. Lightly moisten the space between the filling using a pastry brush. Place another sheet of dough on the filling mounds. Press the pasta sheets around the filling, be careful not to trap air inside the ravioli. The raviolis are separated by cutting the dough with a knife.

There are many filling options for homemade ravioli: Blue cheese, toasted hazelnuts, and some herb of choice; Sautéed chicken with red onion, various herbs and a touch of cream; Spinach with ricotta cheese. Today I will make them with serrano ham and truffled cheese brought directly from Spain, served with red sauce. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.