I L O V E this soup! It reminds me of my grandma with her beautiful flowery apron cooking dinner for the whole gang (8 grandkids). I would sit down next to her on the kitchen table. She would ask me to help her cut everything and set it on different plates so she could just grab them and add them to the mix. My whole world was centered around the burner, I wouldn’t even hear my cousins screams or footsteps around the house.

Now, I invite you to taste this spectacular, easy to make soup. Here are the


First, you need to heat the olive oil at medium heat and stir-fry the leeks and the potatoes. Then add the vegetable broth, cover and bring to broil until potatoes are soft enough.

Blend the potatoes, pears and leeks to make a cream.

Add a little bit of cream milk when serving along with the cheese and scallions to decorate.