My favorite breakfast (besides arepas and empandas) is eggs Benedict. My cousins and I learned to make the perfect poached eggs thanks to Tata but everyone, through the years, has added their own touch and has made Tata’s original Eggs Benedict their own.

My version is one I got on the internet using as an Asian take on the sauce. Last year I worked with a nutritionist to learn how to balance my meals and one of the discoveries was about the wonders of peanut butter, its benefits to the body (and soul :-)), but overall what happens to your dishes when you incorporate it.

Researching healthier options to hollandaise sauce, I found this site where they have this Asian on the Hollandaise sauce, the tangy peanut butter mixed with Asian ingredients like ginger, rice vinegar, and soy sauce, make this sauce one to love forever. 

Let me know when you try it!