Papa Lorenzo was our good granduncle? Is that how you call my grandma’s brother? Anyhow, he was the most beloved old fella we knew. He would always come over on Sundays with ice cream for all of the gang. As soon as we heard the car approaching far down the road we knew it was Papa Lorenzo in his blue Oldsmobile. Kike, the oldest of the boys, would stop any game we were playing and run out the door, of course we would follow him! Papa Lorenzo will honk the horn three times as a sign that he had seen us. Poor guy, we couldn’t even let him get off the car without trying to grab the ice creams jejeje He managed to hold the bag so high that every time, we would have to wait ’till after lunch to eat them.

Tata would have his favorite soup almost ready by the time he honked the blue Oldsmobile horn. While she was at it, he would be greeted inside the house by our grandpa, they would enjoy a nice talk in the living room while I ran hurriedly into the kitchen to help Tata with the final touches of what she had denominated Papa Lorenzo’s Soup.

Here’s how she made it:

First of all you need to find soup bowl that can go into the oven. The onion soup ones will work.

Stir-fry the onion with the garlic and the parsley leaves. Once they are ready, separate small bunches to add them later to the soup bowls.

Slice the french baguette in 8 slices of about one inch and add the onions on top. Once this is done, carve a hole in the middle so it looks like a bird’s nest. Now add the raw egg in the middle (be careful not to break the yolk!). Add the broth slowly until the eggs cook. You will see how the bread and eggs will start floating. Garnish with the mint leaves and bon appetite!