This weekend I’ll be having a couple of very special guests: My brothers. They are visiting the city and will stay with me for a few days. I think a good way to spoil them (and myself of course) is with a Spanish dish. Ever since I came back from Spain I’ve been wanting to use my new paellera and the fresh saffron I got at the Mercado de Africa, and what better way than cooking for my brothers? ?

This will be the first time I prepare this recipe so I wanted to practice before serving it to them. Surprisingly enough, I discovered that preparing a paella can be a quick and easy process. In Spain, I was told there are two secrets to making the perfect “Paella”. The first is to cook the ingredients separately in the same paellera so that the flavor remains and does not go away. The second is that once you add the rice you shouldn’t even touch nor look at it or even think about it cooking! You should let the cooking happen by itself and let the magic happen.

The first thing you have to do is clean the shrimp and cut all the ingredients:

  • Red peppers are cut into long strips
  • Dice the onions
  • Slice garlic thinly
  • The meat should be cut into equal pieces so that it is done well
  • Cut the cuttlefish into smaller pieces

Then, cook the shrimp and prawns in olive oil until they are golden brown, lower the heat and reserve.

Now, add the red pepper strips and move from time to time so they don’t get burned. Don’t worry if they do burn a little, it’s normal for the skin to burn a little and become brown or black, it’s OK as long as they don’t burn completely. Once they have the desired look remove and reserve in a separate dish. Add the chicken and pork into pieces and cook together until they pick a suitable color, mixing it with 2 cloves garlic and the chopped onion.

Now, add the squid and tomato. When thickening, add the rice and the broth (broth must not be cold!), which should be boiling to achieve the perfect cooking of the rice. Cover, lower the heat and keep cooking for 15 minutes or when you see there is no broth left.

When the paella is ready add the shrimp that we had reserved, the paprika, salt to taste, saffron, a touch of olive oil and mussels, cook for a few more minutes and serve hot. Garnish with the red peppers.

To show off, I recommend serving with red wine and setting the atmosphere with a Paco de Lucía song “Between Two Waters” y olé! ??