This weekend my mother-in-law is visiting and as always, I have to show off my cooking skill so she won’t argue about me not taking well care of her son, and that he is very spoiled (by me of course!!!) That’s why I have planned a special menu, with rare recipes to surprise her. And of course we can’t miss THE CAKE. I recently got this recipe and I ventured to make it (and try it). In appearance it is just a carrot cake, but the reality is that it is not baked. This raw carrot cake recipe strangely mimics the texture of cooked carrot cake – without the need for dehydrating. The best part is that it takes no time to make it. You just throw the ingredients in the food processor, shape into a cake shape, ice with your preferred icing and pop into the fridge.

Let’s get to work!

Place carrots in food processor by themselves and process them very briefly – just to reduce them to little chunks – about the size of pieces of popped popcorn. Leave carrots in food processor. Now add all cake and process briefly and slowly, stopping to monitor the process. If you want to get the texture seen in the above picture then don’t over-process!

Press cake down into a cake pan or square baking dish. Alternatively, you can shape the raw carrot cake mixture into a “cake” shape on a plate using your hands.
Place all icing ingredients into a high-speed blender and blend until smooth. Ice cake. Refrigerate this raw carrot cake recipe for at least two hours. The cake and the icing will both harden up a bit in the fridge.

Voilá! Now there’s a new style for a wonderful, tasty, and HEALTHY carrot cake.