I’m preparing kid-cooking-friendly farewell dinner for my nieces, whose visit is coming to an end tomorrow (snif snif, I’m going to miss them, their screams, their mess). To spoil them for a last time we made pizza ? with a super simple recipe, which can be customized by adding all kinds of ingredients and even by making all kinds of shapes. It was a perfect meal for the girls and also fun from its elaboration to its consumption.

The first ingredient you’ll need is the dough. I’m not going to put you through the tough work of making it yourself, I know how impatients kids can get, so just go to the supermarket and ask for pizza dough at the bakery.

A bag of dough can make up to three pizzas, so divide it in how many you’d like to make. It will vary depending on the size of pizza you want to prepare. Make the shape with a roller and place on a tray. Make sure the dough is spread evenly and that there are no holes. Now you can add the tomato sauce and sprinkle the mozzarella on top.

Wash the vegetables very well with a teaspoon of vinegar (this can be done by children without a problem, it is safe for them, although disastrous for the kitchen). Cut circles and strips of bell pepper and ham, and let the kids sprinkle into the pizzas.

If you want to make pizzas with faces (eyes and mouth) put two circles of pepper in the upper half as the eyes, above place a semicircle of pepper of another color like the eyebrows. A strip of pepper can make up the mouth and a for the nose use half an olive (you can also use bacon, saucisson or ham for decoration).

Once the pizzas are assembled, put them in the oven for about 15 minutes at 190ºC, making sure not to burn them. “Buon appetito” and hope you have  fun at dinner (and a lot of patience when picking up the kitchen).