If you want to take care of your health without leaving aside life’s  pleasures like Nutella, make it at home! You will not have either sugar nor polymer palm oil. The cocoa and hazelnut cream is inspired by the recipe of Piemonte’s gianduia, invented in Turin during the Napoleonic wars due to the lack of cocoa. With a hint of vanilla, the cream tastes surprisingly similar to Nutella, but you can innovate and use flavored chocolate (orange or mint) or add coffee powder (which I STRONGLY recommend), ginger or other spices and even change the main dried fruit for some almonds.

Let’s get to work!

Grind the toasted and peeled hazelnuts along with the salt in a blender chopper or processor. When the hazelnuts become a thick powder, add the tablespoon of oil (as neutral as possible) to help make the consistency more greasy and homogenous. Continue to grind until you get a slightly oily paste and as thin as possible. Melt the chocolate in Bain Marie. Pour into the shredder, add the vanilla and shred again until the cream is mixed equally. The paste will be soft because of the heat of the appliance. Store it in a pot with a lid and allow it to harden briefly inside the refrigerator or to stand several hours at room temperature. It lasts up to two weeks according to my grandmother :p the truth is that I have not checked it myself because it does not last so long.