Remember I told you my nieces came to visit this week and that we made frozen yogurt (you know because of the Frozen movie, we had to do something related to it)? Well don’t think I only feed them dessert! We had pasta for lunch. We made Fettuccine Alfredo.

Growing up my cousins and I usually preferred pasta or pizza above any other type of food. I think we still do, but we can’t have them as much as before ? Slower metabolism, bigger hips, all that things I don’t have to remind you all about ?. We had so much fun, the kids played around with the fetuccines, threw them to each other, and we all laughed. Don’t tell their moms I let them do that mess please! But their happiness is priceless!!

One of my nieces is very picky when eating, she doesn’t have a vast appetite for good food (yet) so we had to go with a simple sauce which requires few ingredients and nothing “weird” looking. eats very badly.

The first thing to know about this delicious dish is that it is served freshly made, so do not cook the sauce until minutes before the visit arrives (if this is the case) or it’s time to eat.

Star by  warming the frying pan and add the half bar of butter with the cup of cream. Then, add the parmesan. When the sauce is ready, it’s time to add the pepper and parsley. Last but not least, add the pasta to the pan and mix well.

Remember to serve almost immediately, because once the pasta cools, the sauce will lose much of its creaminess and will not taste the same.

Wish me luck, not for the results of the recipe that will surely be perfect jijiji, but for cleaning the kitchen after cooking with my little assistants ?