Cream cheese is my very own guilty pleasure. It can’t be missing in my fridge, nor can the goat cheese, but let’s ignore the goat cheese for now and focus on the cream cheese.  This super easy preparation can get you out of trouble when running late to even your own party. It makes a great snack for a party or when having friends over for drinks or even dinner. I bet you they will devour it in seconds. I learned it from my grandma when she made it for her Tuesday card games with “Las Viejas”. Ever since I became a “house wife” and started to have friends over, and my husband’s clients for dinner, I would make it and usually I swear it doesn’t last long on the table!

This is what you have to do:

First of all chop julienne both the green and red peppers. Set a couple aside for the garnish. Then, squeeze out some juice from those oranges.

Now let’s get to the fun part and cook the peppers, orange juice, sugar, and nutmeg on low heat until the sugar is melted and wraps the oranges and peppers. When ready, turn off the heat.

Take the cream cheese from the foil. I usually make it with the rectangular Philadelphia cream cheese that comes in a box and wrapped in foil, but you can make it with the circled one as well, it’s just that Tata made it with that one because that was the only kind that was found in Venezuela that long ago. But the taste is the same, it’s just a matter of customs I guess. Anyways, place it on a plate and then just pour the mix on top of it and garnish with more julienne peppers. You can serve with bread or Carr’s crackers.