Today’s recipe is Chocolate Truffles and it has a beautiful story.

My grandmother, Tata, used to make these truffles when she had very special guests, such as my grandfather’s clients. He was an ad man so his clients were big company’s (Like Coca Cola, Unilever, Mitsubishi) CEO’s. She had to use the fancy artillery jejeje She would display her fanciest Parisian tableware, tablecloth, wines, and well the menu (including dessert) of course.

From these occasions, I learned we shouldn’t be afraid of French cuisine, much less their pastry. They’re very simple, easy to make, and guarantees an explosion of flavors.

Long story short, Tata, in the preparation of these dinners was very busy, not only placing flowers, making dishes, setting a beautiful table but also dealing with her grandchildren who spent most of the evenings at her house. To keep us quiet, we were in charge of making the truffles (she always supervised). Of course I was the “head chef” and was in charge of making the dough and then I gat my other cousins the task to decorate the balls. We became experts, so as we grew up, she completely delegated us the special task of truffle making.

Check it out, here’s what you have to do:

  • Melt the chocolate in water bath being careful not to burn it
  • When completely melted, add the condensed milk (same weight as chocolate) and mix with a spatula to integrate everything. You’ll know it’s ready when the chocolate stops running smoothly through the wooden spatula. Let cool at room temperature
  • Pour the cooled chocolate in an elongated tray in the fridge for at least an hour
  • Take out the tray and  start making balls
  • You can cover with chocolate sprinkles, crushed biscuit, grated coconut, or anything you can think of. The heat of our hands is enough to make anything stick to the balls.
  • Serve in individual capsules for truffles, which you’ll find in any supermarket