Although I can find elaborate and sometimes quite complex recipes in Tata’s recipe books, most are very simple to make. Some of the complex ones, have hacks to make them easier to avoid us being in the kitchen for a long time.

This no bake chocolate eclair is an example of this style of recipes. Easy! They’re made in minutes, with ingredients that you can get anywhere 😉 The best is the result!!! No one will ever imagine that such a delicious plate can be made in so short time and so easily.

Are you ready?

  • Beat pudding mixture and milk
  • Stir in fresh whip
  • In the bottom of a dish, place a layer of Graham crackers and spread half of the filling mixture on top Repeat with another layer of Graham crackers, add the rest of the filling, cover with the final layer of Graham crackers.
  • Bring cocoa, milk and butter to a boil for a full minute and kale sure to stir frequently. Remove from heat and cool 1 minute. Add the butter and vanilla, stir until the butter is melted.
  • Pour the chocolate on top of the graham crackers and refrigerate overnight.

Serve to family and friends for a huge surprise! 😀