Tata was my Marhta Stewart growing up in Caracas during the 80’s. I always used to sit next to her spellbound, watching how she managed every utensil to perfection and dreaming about doing the same thing one day, become as perfect as her. Days, weeks, even months went by until one day I got the courage to ask her if she would allow me to cook something by “myself”. To my surprise, she said: “OK, let’s do a carrot bisque!” OMG! I couldn’t believe what she had just said! My hands started sweating a little bit, I was suuuuper nervous, but I couldn’t show it, so I acted all grown up and told her to sit down and just supervise. This is what I did:

I peeled the carrots and shredded them. Then, I mixed the remaining ingredients (EXCEPT the cream cheese) and cooked them in a pot for 20 minutes. When ready, I removed the bay leaf and blended everything else now with the cream cheese. If you do it like this, you’ll see it will start getting creamier.

I served with a slice of french baguette and my grandparents almost licked the bowl! jejeje I bet your diners will too!