Pasta has always been my favorite main dish. It is really hard to find a pasta that I don’t like, probably it’s because of my Italian ancestry. Tata, my grandma, did know how to actually make pasta from scratch, but I’m not going to extend myself too much on that matter for this post. I promise I’ll dedicate a complete post to pasta making. For now I’m just going to show you this super easy-to make pasta with chicken dish.

You’ll see it will be a relatively quick process once you start. I recommend you start boiling the pasta water before cooking the chicken, so you have it cooked about the same time the water boils.

Cut the chicken in julienne and stir-fry in medium heat with olive oil. Add the garlic until chicken cooks (be careful not to let the garlic burn). Then, add the soy sauce, orange and lime juices, fresh coriander, and lastly the chili pepper and ginger, cook for a couple of minutes and do not let it dry. If it does dry, you can add more orange juice, so no worries.

If the pasta water is boiling by now, add the Vermicelli and cook al dente (not too soft nor too hard), usually the package indicates the perfect al dente cooking time. Drain and serve immediately, just add the chicken and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top You can garnish with one fresh coriander leaves.

Buon apetito!