This is not another Blog. This is a Recipe Blog that pays homage to Tata, my grandma.

Even though I was my Mom and Dad’s only child, I grew in a big venezuelan family, surrounded by 8 cousins and then two brothers. Every other weekend our very patient grandparents would host all of us kids at their house. For us it was THE ABSOLUTE BEST time of the week. If you ask my cousins what they remember most about those times, I would bet they will all chant at the same time: “Tata’s stack of pancakes at breakfast time!” She would cook, I honestly still don’t understand how, no less than 25 pancakes and would stack them all one on top of the other just before we woke up. We would always wait in bed until the last one was set, the smell revealed it.  Once we all sat down, napkins on our laps, pancakes on the plate, and freshly squeezed orange juice on the table, she would go one by one cutting them in tiny squares in such a perfect manner, we still, after 20+ years practicing such technique, have not been able to accomplish. I guess this is the Whaite signature; you will not see, ever, one of us eating a pancake without cutting it in squares first. Now here comes the weird stuff! Some of us would eat them with fresh white cheese and marmalade.

After breakfast, came lunch, which would happen for us hours and hours later on the day, but for Tata, it would start probably a couple of hours after breakfast. This was MY favorite time of the day. I would sneak out of the play dates with the cousins and run into the kitchen to learn from my master how all of those delicious plates were made. Years went by and I ended up outgrowing the chairs until graduating to standing position, AKA Tata’s Sous Chef, I became the most loyal student and took every possible note to be able to clone (if I may say) every single recipe Tata cooked over the years with so much patience, love, and dedication. This is how Tata’s Kitchen is born!

I really hope you enjoy the recipes and get a grasp of how my life growing up tasted.