If Life Throws You Lemons…

…and you only need a few drops, don’t cut it in half because it will dry out quickly. Just puncture it with a metal skewer and squeeze out the amount of juice you need. This will help you not waste any more lemons!


The Ultimate Egg Freshness Test

If you are unsure of eggs’ freshness, just dip them into a glass of water. If the eggs sink, they are fresh, if they float, better not to eat them.

Fresh Egg Test

Don’t Add All Ingredients at Once

I am always looking for tips and tricks to make the most out of my cooking, and one thing I have learned is you shouldn’t add all the ingredients at once. The explanations is quite simple: Besides their flavors, most raw foods have water, therefore, when we treat each ingredient separately, there is a better chance we can manipulate the individual characteristics.

Chefs recommend we to this to get the most flavors out of each of them, it might take us a bit longer to finish each recipe, but I am pretty sure you’ll thank the masters for this little trick.

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