But the archdiocese confirmed in May amid questions about

“For right now pretty much just go play without overthinking it right now,” Maddon said. “Just go play and just contribute to us winning somehow. But absolutely it’s something that needs to be addressed and he will address it in the offseason. Got to stay out of the box, Brendan Smith said. If you in the box they have the man advantage and they get more chances for. So I would say if we can maybe be a little bit more disciplined or what not, that will help us in that category.

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Wellems then returned to Chicago and worked again at the Holy Cross Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. But the archdiocese confirmed in May amid questions about Wellems that he had been removed. Monday lawsuit says neither the Claretians nor the archdiocese has said if the action was taken based on additional allegations of misconduct.

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